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Your dream destination in Luang Prabang

JUMBO GUESTHOUSE ON THE MEKONG is uniquely situated on a high bank overlooking the Mekong River in the village of Ban Don Kao, located just 6 kilometers on the outskirts of UNESCO World Heritage Site Luang Prabang.

This is a splendidly isolated and romantic hideaway surrounded by lush tropical gardens.

JUMBO GUESTHOUSE is an ideal stop over for Short or Long Stay travelers, Solo female and male travellers, Families, Retired travellers, LGBTQ, Bikers and Digital Nomads.

JUMBO GUESTHOUSE is a place where people of all origins, races and religions and sexual orientation are absolutely welcome.

We have two sociable cats and dogs. An ideal place for animal lovers. Sorry, no. This is not a place for people who are afraid of animals or are allergic to animals.

We like to keep JUMBO GUESTHOUSE environmentally friendly as possible. We avoid to use single use plastic and encourage our guests to do the same. You can always refill your water bottles for free with water.


JUMBO GUESTHOUSE is ideal for individuals or couples or contemplating travellers or for those who just want to escape the touristic hustle of town. Families with children are always welcome here!

Ban Done Kao is a semi-rural village where you can still feel the authentic traditional Lao spirit and see nature all around you.

It’s roughly 15 minutes to the center of town by tuk-tuk or 25 by bicycle on a road with little traffic.

Two bicycles are available for free! You can also rent a Honda Dream at my place. If you prefer to be more mobile, we can recommend you a reliable scooter or motorbike-shop in town.

Motorcyclists will find ample off road parking in front of the guesthouse.


Mekong during rainy season

A Place of Peace

There are two scenic terraces partly shaded by trees directly overlooking the river. They are perfect places to practice yoga or meditate.

Luscious gardens surround the entire property. A delightful place where you can recharge your physical & emotional cells and get good energy in return.

During dry season there is a direct access to a sandy beach where people enjoy walking in the shallows of the Mekong River, just a short walk down the stairs from the living room and terraces.

We have several sociable cats and dogs. This accommodation is particularly suitable for animal lovers.

We have 3 comfortable bedrooms (two upstairs and one downstairs) all of them with simple en suite bathroom with shower, sink and WC. The rooms are cosy and comfy, so you can even spend a day in bed with a good book or watch videos and so on….

If required, extra mattresses can be provided for a third person or toddlers.

There is also a large upstairs veranda and sitting area which provides a perfect place to read and for children to play, or practice yoga and meditation.

The sala or living room is an airy, open space for our guests to eat, converse and relax. WiFi is available throughout the property. Room rate 30 USD during high season and 25 USD during low season – per day / stay! Since 2023, one of the rooms is equipped with air conditioning. A fee of additionally 3 USD/ day are asked for this room.


An Austrian, Monica was born in Brazil, studied social anthropology and worked for many years with refugees and newcomers who came to Germany.
From 2007 she ran the JUMBO GUESTHOUSE in Hongsa, Laos and recently relocated to the new JUMBO GUESTHOUSE ON THE MEKONG in Ban Don Kao, Luang Prabang in July 2016.



“It was my best decision ever to move to Laos. I fell in love with this charming and still laid-back country.

Why? You have to slow down here to live a good life!”

Monica lives at the guesthouse and speaks German, English, Lao and some French.

She is happy to provide suggestions for things to do in Luang Prabang and Northern Laos.

She can recommend restaurants in town and things to do in and around Luang Prabang and answer your questions with regards to the country, its people, their cuisine and culture.


In the Lao language the river is called the Mae Nam Kong – literally translated as Mother of all Rivers. Our terrace and living room features a singularly spectacular viewpoint of the Mekong, especially looking southward, where you can feel the energy and strength of this broad powerful river as it rolls and flows to the South China Sea all the way from Tibet.

Watch the river traffic – small fishing boats, sleek medium to large passenger boats and big river freighters that go all the way to China. Take in the green hills and mountains that surround the Mekong.
And you will feel like you are part of this natural spectacle, may it be in the morning when the fog rises on the water or in the evening when the setting sun paints the sky a multitude of different colors on the opposite shore.
This location is a dream destination!


Laos Tuk Tuk

You can also rent a Honda Dream at my place

The first time your journey to JUMBO GUESTHOUSE may be a little confusing, because it’s a splendidly isolated hideaway!

But it’s really not difficult to find. In fact, it’s really quite easy.

We are 6 kms from Luang Prabang town center, 9 kms from the Southern Bus Terminal and 2 kms from the Northern Bus Station.

The airport is 5 kms away and the boat landing is only 2 kms from JUMBO GUESTHOUSE ON THE MEKONG.

We can arrange a tuk-tuk pick-up service at your cost for you via tuk-tuk or Minivan from all the above-mentioned locations!

The tuk-tuk driver waiting for you will have a JUMBO GUESTHOUSE ON THE MEKONG sign and will bring you directly to the guesthouse in Ban Don Kao.

Contact Jumbo Guesthouse

Please contact us using the form below

    Luang Prabang, LAOS
    (N19.91341 E102.16683)
    Phone and What’s app: +856 (0)20-56856488


    Monica loves good healthy food! She is a passionate foodie and takes great pleasure cooking for her guests. She loves to create meals!

    You can eat at JUMBO GUESTHOUSE ON THE MEKONG- just tell Monica in advance! If you are vegetarian, vegan, or require lactose or gluten free groceries Monica will accommodate your dietary preferences. Lunch and dinner is not included.

    Her breakfast is memorable. Beside of good coffee and tea you start with a huge bowl of fresh fruit salad, scrambled or soft boiled eggs and ends with warm baguette with homemade jams out of tropical fruits from Laos. The breakfast is not included. Breakfast costs 6 USD per person.

    By the way, Monica is well known as the jam producer in Luang Prabang with her brand TAMASAT (what means from the nature, traditional, organic)



    Just 5 minutes from the guesthouse away is the daily alms giving ceremony of the monks in the early morning (mostly around 6 am). This is part of everyday life in this village.

    In order to keep it away from negative tourist influences, I am very committed to the local people how my guests have to behave. The villagers thank me that my guests behave so mindful.

    My guests are participating observers of a Buddhist ritual and prayer. They are properly dressed and watch the procession from the other side of the street. From this distance you can take wonderful photos or videos.


    There is always an open invitation to join her in the early morning to go to the nearby fresh food market and see what the Lao people eat at home!

    Very active as from 8 o’clock in the morning, its a typical passing spot for Laotians who come to buy and/or to sell. There’s a lot going on ! You can find many unusual foodstuffs like ox-blood which is proposed in gelatinous cubes, serpents, bats, grilled insects (worms, grasshoppers, bee’s larvae, crickets, butterfly chrysalis), giblets covered with flies, caramelised pork’s head, and all sorts of leaves and plants which are used to make the traditional dishes.

    Jumbo Guesthouse-Handycraft Village

    On the way to the town, on the less frequented road along the shore, there is the craftsmen’s village with small shops selling handmade products.

    Our neighbour, the Tadam Restaurant is known for the best noodle soup far and wide and other traditional Laotian dishes. The restaurant is breaking full during lunch time exclusively Laotians to eat there with their colleagues.

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